Indiana Horse Betting

Indiana horse betting has a proud tradition in the Hoosier State. More Indiana off-track betting is opening in light of Indiana sports betting becoming legal. Plus, online horse racing apps are legal in IN. Find out how to bet on the stat’s own Indiana Derby and more races online.

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Indiana Horse Racing
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Online Horse Betting in Indiana

Indiana has what they call “limited mobile” laws for some horse betting types. This means Hoosiers must be at an OTB or track to bet on horses with an app. So, racebooks like TwinSpires offer their services to Hoosier bettors. However, check for participating locations in Indiana to bet on horses with US brands. Below, we discuss a bit about each of the big operators.

That said, Advance Deposit Wagering is allowed via mobile betting. So, if this is the type of pari-mutuel bet you want, you’re good. Place an ADW bet from anywhere in Indiana on your mobile device.


If you’ve been following horse racing at all in the past 20 years, you know TVG. TVG has been the nation’s number one source for horse racing news, odds, and information for beginner and expert bettors. Now, TVG offers horse racing bets online in a number of states, so check where in Indiana they operate.

Always be on the lookout for promotions and bonuses when you’re betting on horse racing online (or any kind of internet gambling, for that matter). To stay competitive, any operator worth their salt, including TVG, offers deposit match bonuses, weekly promotions, and a whole bunch of extra freebies to keep their customers engaged and playing.


TwinSpires is the home of the Kentucky Derby online and a great new addition to the world of online horse racing bets. There are plenty of decent promotions to take advantage of, including bet insurance up to 40% and a long list of jackpots and sweepstakes to take advantage of! Like TVG, TwinSpires may have Indiana locations to use their app. Really, it’s a great platform with a streamlined design.

Like most horse racing websites without a physical location, these three operators do trusted business in most states across the US. What this means for the future is that you can expect the first places to offer online horse racing bets in Indiana will likely be these online-only wagering platforms. However, quite a few of the racinos in Indiana are backed by national chains with great online presence in other states, so only time will tell who will be first out of the gate.

TVG and TwinSpires are all online wagering platforms serving users in numerous states, and Indiana is certainly next on that list. These three platforms already have years of experience offering legal online horse racing betting in other states, so it’s only a matter of weeks before the sites start operating in Indiana.

Essentially, horse racing is completely legal on a federal level– TwinSpires, for example, is completely within its federal rights to offer online horse betting. It is the responsibility of the individual states to pass their own laws regarding licensed online gambling, Indiana passing its legislation in summer 2019.

What this means is that you can soon expect these existing wagering platforms to serve Indiana customers. The legal framework is already in place, and the apps are already designed in the case of Caesars properties and all online wagering platforms — it’s only a matter of getting the license and paying the fee. 

The one advantage of Harrah’s Hoosier Resort and Indiana Grand Racing & Casino is that they have the Caesars Rewards program. This gives players bonus points for every dollar they bet. Expect a whole bunch of apps and websites to be offered in the near future, with rewards programs and more!

Where else to Bet on Horse Racing in Indiana

There are a few locations in Indiana to get your horse racing fix, including the famed Indiana Grand. If you’re looking for online horse betting, the big US brands are all present for Hoosiers to bet on horses.

Likewise, you can bet on real-money horse racing from a number of racetracks and OTBs. So, let’s look at a few of the horse race tracks in Indiana, and then we’ll cover online betting.

Harrah’s Hoosier Resort

Harrah’s Hoosier Resort, operated by the trusted Caesars Casino, is one of Indiana’s favorite places to bet. Special mention goes to casinos and racetracks from national companies like Caesars. Truly, this is only because Caesars has plenty of experience offering online gambling. Harrah’s Hoosier Resort is the top location for harness racing in Indiana and will be hosting the 2020 Breeders’ Cup. 

Indiana Grand Racing & Casino

From 1995-2012, the Indiana Derby was run at Hoosier Park. Then, Indiana Grand Racing & Casino (formerly Indiana Downs) took over. After rebranding in 2012 as the Indiana Grand, not much has changed. However, expect even more promotions and bonuses on your bets in person with Caesars Rewards!

The Grand is a fantastic place to bet on thoroughbred racing and quarter horses. Also, the Indiana Grand has a well-known and respected casino. While Caesars has a sportsbook and runs the Indiana Grand, their app doesn’t offer horse racing betting. Luckily, we discuss the online horse betting apps you can use on July 13th!

History of Indiana Horse Racing

Like most states in America, Indiana began horse racing as an event at county fairs and local gatherings. Horse races were a great way to bring communities together. Naturally, raising horses became a local tradition, with owners shipping horses to Kentucky and Illinois for big races. Horse racing wouldn’t become a state-sanctioned activity with a permanent location until the next century.

By the late 1980s, horse racing was a favorite local pastime. However, the first official track didn’t open in Indiana until 1994. After the opening of Hoosier Park, interest in horse racing began to grow. By the late 2000s, horse betting kiosks were installed at Indiana racetracks. This paved the way for online horse betting. 

Indiana Derby

The next running of the famed Indiana Derby will be in July 2021. This Grade III event is one and one-sixteenth of a mile (or 8 furlongs) long. The Indiana Derby is one of Indiana’s more well-attended events, and we expect to see a great turnout in mid-July.

With a purse of $500,000, the Indiana Derby is the number one race for Hoosier jockeys and horse owners looking to make a name for themselves on a national level. One of the most famous horses to race the derby was Lookin At Lucky, a champion colt who won the 2010 Preakness before racing in the Indiana Derby. Who knows– perhaps this year’s Derby will be a proving ground for the next Triple Crown winner!

More Players Means Higher Payouts

We’re hoping to see operators like TVG and racinos like Harrah’s and Indiana Grand to get their apps on the market as soon as possible. The Indiana Derby is just around the corner, and it would be a great financial benefit both for players and operators to be live in time for the race!

If operators can release their online horse betting apps by the time the Indiana Derby comes around, there is a good chance that this will drive up payouts for odds. Most horse racing tracks operate by a pari-mutuel system, in which amounts wagered are pooled into a massive pot, then split by winners based on odds and the place the horse finished in. Simply put, allowing for online horse racing bets to be pooled in with off-track bets and in-person betting means bigger payouts for everyone!

Indiana Horse Racing Results

Last year’s Indiana Derby winner was Axelrod, ridden by jockey Florent Geroux. Owner Michael W. McCarthy and his team Slam Dunk Racing took home the $500,000 prize in 2018. With a finishing time of 1 minute 43 seconds, Axelrod actually ran slower than the average Indiana Derby winner, but positioning and pace earned him the wreath.

Previous winners of the Indiana Derby include Lookin At Lucky in 2010, who would go on to win the Preakness Stakes; and Misremembered in 2009, who set the stakes record for speed.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is part intuition, part research, and part statistics. It sounds a bit daunting at first, but the process becomes easier if you truly love the sport. Indiana off-track betting is no different from betting online, so those of us that have experience with the brick-and-mortar stuff will have an easier time jumping into online horse racing bets.

Essentially, you’re going to want to keep ahead of the news if you want to give yourself a competitive edge. Read the racing forums, follow your favorite horses, and watch the races to learn how a horse handles certain track conditions and situations. The way the crowd expects a horse to perform can directly affect the odds of a given race, so check TVG or another favorite source of horse racing results on the regular.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

  • Win: In this type of bet, you’re placing a bet on one horse to place first in the race.
  • Place: For a Place bet, you’ll win a payout if the horse comes in first or second.
  • Show: You’ll win if your horse comes in any of the top three spots on the board. Logically, this type of bet will have the lowest payouts. 
  • Exacta: Choose the first and second place horses to win in the correct order to win an Exacta.
  • Quinella: Choose the first and second place horses to win, in any order.
  • Trifecta: Choose the first, second, and third place winners in the correct order. This bet has one of the highest payouts in horse racing. 

Whatever kind of bet you’re making, the horse racing results determine the odds. Keep yourself informed, and if you’re able, go see a race! It’s a thrilling way to spend a day and learn about a potential new hobby. Plus, with Indiana horse racing going online, it’s something you can do at home or on-the-go!

Final Thoughts on Indiana Horse Racing

Going into 2019, it was hard to determine whether the online version of your favorite racetracks and off-track-betting locations would become legal in Indiana. Lawmakers made quite a few changes to the language of the bill before online betting was quickly re-added to HB 1015. All said and done, online sports betting and betting on Indiana horse racing online is 100% legal in the state, unlike online casinos

We’re in the waiting stage now, while operators get attorneys to write up agreements, pay for licensing fees, and get developers to put their race tracks online. This is why online operators and racinos backed by national chains have an advantage. They already have app versions that work in other states, so they can skip the development step and move straight on to offering folks legal, online Indiana horse racing.

At home or on-the-go, betting on horse racing from your smartphone or home computer has never been simpler. Finally, that streamlined and fun experience is coming to Indiana, and we can’t wait to share all the promotions and bonuses that are sure to pour in. Check back with us for the latest on Indiana horse racing online, and have fun!