SBK Sportsbook Review

English-based SBK sportsbook is making its debut in the US! Hoosiers can expect one of the best betting platforms in the UK to bring its great service to the States!

What to Expect from the SBK Sportsbook?

Initially based in England, SBK Sportsbook is one of the most modern additions to the sports betting market. After a partnership with Full House Resorts, SBK sportsbook plans to offer in-person and online sports betting to Indiana residents in 2019!

Indiana online gambling is a relatively new thing, but the SBK sportsbook has prior experience in the UK-based sports betting market. Expect that informed service to carry over into a great online betting experience.

We expect the SBK Sportsbook to be released in time for the 2019-2020 NFL playoffs, so, sometime in winter 2020. When it does finally go live, expect welcome offers and great service on this comprehensive, innovative sports betting app.

SBK Sportsbook Review

What is SBK?

SBK is a UK-based sportsbook that just got approval to operate in Indiana and Colorado. They take a financial management approach to online sports betting, offering in-depth analysis of betting trends, graphs, and everything the intermediate to advanced sports bettor could desire.

Indiana online sportsbooks are coming on the market on a regular basis. We think that SBK is the best choice for intermediate to advanced sports bettors looking for a comprehensive and educational betting experience.

SBK specializes in analysis – if you’re looking for competitive odds and a ton of betting stats, SBK is the app for you. If you’re new to the world of sports betting, don’t worry – the SBK knowledge base is a great place to educate yourself, and we’ll give a quick overview of how to place a sports bet below.

Note: This promotional video is for the UK version of the SBK Sportsbook. SBK Indiana is not yet live.

SBK Sportsbook Registration

Registering with the SBK app is a pretty straightforward process. You’ll need to have a valid state ID or the last four digits of your social security number to prove that you’re 21 and over.

Also, your web browser may require you to download a Geotagging plugin, or the app may require you to have Location Services turned on – this is to make sure you’re physically within Indiana state limits. This goes for all Indiana sportsbooks, including DraftKings and BetRivers.

Check the section below on the mobile app for more information about downloading and installing the app to your preferred device. Don’t worry, if you don’t have access to a smartphone, you’ll always be able to bet on your favorite sports by going to the SBK website on a computer.

When you’ve got everything you need to sign up, make sure to check back with us for any SBK promo codes or other welcome offers that you might want to know about before you make your first deposit. Many welcome offers only trigger when you make your first deposit, so if you put money into your SBK sportsbook account without opting into this bonus, you will miss out!

Will There Be An SBK Sportsbook Welcome Bonus?

The SBK sportsbook in the UK (referred to as the Smarkets Exchange) already offers a £10 (about $12 USD) welcome bonus for its new users. Having a sizeable welcome offer isn’t a huge thing across the pond, so we imagine that the folks at the Smarkets Exchange will have a bigger welcome offer planned for the US market.

With almost zero wagering requirements, the SBK promo code offering £10 free isn’t too bad for a welcome offer. However, we’ve seen deposit bonuses and cash rewards ranging from $25-$2000 dollars.

We’d like to see an additional welcome bonus or some kind of loyalty program coming from the folks at Smarkets Exchange, but as it’s a relatively new platform, we understand that there might be some growing pains. When this sportsbook does finally release to Indiana players, we’re eager to present you with some new information about bonuses and promotions.

Still, the SBK app is a great platform chock full of in-depth analysis and a fantastic knowledge base. Jump on your preferred device and start betting on your favorite sports with SBK as soon as the app is live.

SBK Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Coming Soon!
Bonus Details TBA
Bonus Code TBA
Requirements TBA

The SBK app will be 100% legal for Indiana and Colorado residents. Still, due to state laws, you’ll have to wait for land-based casinos owned by Full House Resorts to establish an in-person sportsbook before the SBK app gets released.

American owned but operating in the UK, Smarkets Exchange has finalized agreements with Indiana and Colorado legislators and gaming commissions. What this means is that Hoosiers will benefit from a brand-new betting platform called SBK!

If you navigate to the Smarkets Exchange website, you’ll be able to get a better idea of how the platform will look, feel, and reward its players. Note that it’s definitely not legal for Hoosiers to sign up with the UK-based Smarkets Exchange and gamble internationally – any company offering such service is skirting the law, and you probably shouldn’t go with them.

That being said, we expect the soon-to-come SBK app to offer quite a good variety of legal markets to bet on. Plus, with the overturning of PASPA in 2018 and recent Indiana legislative changes, the way is already paved for SBK to offer legal sports betting online in Indiana.

SBK Sportsbook Sports Betting

SBK (Smarkets Exchange in the UK) has one of the most statistics-heavy interfaces we’ve seen. It’s a feast for the eyes if you’re a statistics nerd – and chances are, if you’re into sports betting, you have a keen eye for numbers.

However, if you’re new to sports betting, SBK offers a pretty extensive knowledge base for new players to educate themselves on how to bet. Take your time, and use whatever offers you can grab with the SBK promo code for some risk-free cash to bet with.

For the newbies, we’ll outline a few types of standard sports bets and what they mean. In addition, the section below will include a quick how-to on reading odds in an American format.

Common Types Of Bets

Moneyline or totals bets are simple bets based on the odds set by the oddsmakers. In a moneyline bet, you’re betting on who’s going to win – plain and simple. Check below for an explanation of the “money line”, the text displaying your team and their odds.

Over/under bets are placed on the predicted outcome of the game, usually the total number of points scored by both teams. You bet on that statistic, and if it will be over or under the expected result (think of “The Price Is Right”).

Spread bets bet on the point difference between two teams. The “point spread” refers to the difference between the total points scored by the winning and losing team. For example, you may bet on the Colts to win “by a spread of more than 10 points”.


American odds are displayed as a negative or positive number and are usually in terms of $100 bets. Let’s take, for example, a hypothetical game between the Colts and the Bengals. In this example, the Colts are at a -200 and the Bengals at +250 odds.

What this means is the Colts are highly favored to win and the Bengals are the underdog team. In this example, a $100 bet on the Bengals would pay out $250, while you’d need to bet $200 on the Colts to break even.

Upon analysis, it makes sense for oddsmakers and sportsbooks to have low payouts for favored teams: if they’re more likely to win and the payout was the same, no one would bet on the underdog. Odds are set by the sportsbook in order to ensure an even spread of bets and fair payouts for all winners.

SBK Betting Markets

It’s unclear what will be offered by the SBK sportsbook since right now the platform is only offered to the UK market as Smarkets Exchange. Interestingly, the Smarkets Exchange offers bets on everything from soccer (football) to US and international politics.

It’s highly unlikely that the politics and current events betting offered by Smarkets Exchange will carry over to SBK in the US market. But there’s every indication that SBK will offer all of your favorite sports.

Any sportsbook attempting to stay competitive in the US is going to need to offer professional and collegiate football, basketball, MLB, MMA, and more. Don’t worry, you’ll almost certainly be able to bet on the Colts.

We’ll give you more information on the sports offered by SBK as soon as it is available. Check back with us for updates  – the SBK app is slated for release by the time NFL playoff season starts, so we’ll likely see the app go live by January 2020.

SBK Sportsbook Mobile

Getting on the SBK sportsbook using your mobile device will be a snap as soon as it’s live. The SBK app is already live (as Smarkets Exchange) in the UK, and you can take a look at all the available features by checking the SBK website or going to the App Store.

Taking a look at the app’s offerings in the UK, we think that the US app will be similarly well-designed with a slick interface, albeit a bit busy. Like we’ve said, the SBK sportsbook offers a wealth of betting information and statistics, so it might be a bit difficult to read on smaller screens.

SBK Sportsbook App

SBK Sportsbook App for iOS

iOS users will have no trouble finding and installing the SBK app to their iPhone or iPad. Simply navigate to the App Store, download, and install. Make sure to check our section on registering for more information about opening your account.

SBK Android App

Android users won’t be able to find the SBK app on the Google Play store in the US, because Google doesn’t allow real-money sports gambling apps on their platform. Still, it’s as simple as navigating to the SBK website and downloading the .apk file to your device.

An .apk file is basically an executable that installs programs onto your Android device. When installing, your Android will prompt you to “Allow installations from unknown sources” – go ahead and do so. The SBK app is completely secure and verified by the Indiana Gaming Commission.

SBK Sportsbook Review Conclusion

This review is pretty speculative – we’re going off of all of the information about SBK that is available as of fall 2019. We’ve taken a look at all of their services and even had a few of our UK-based testers take the apps for a spin.

Everything is in place for the UK-based (but American owned) Smarkets Exchange to release their US-based app. Their land-based partner, Full House Resorts, is already offering sports betting through other services in Indiana.

It’s only a matter of time before SBK goes live and Hoosiers with an appetite for stats will get to take advantage of this streamlined platform. SBK also offers horse racing bets, so we may see them dip their toes in the thoroughbred or harness racing market.

In addition to the wealth of information available on the app, one innovation that SBK is bringing to sports betting is a social media aspect. Not only can you bet on your favorite sports, but you’ll also be able to chat with friends about the results and share them right from your app.

All in all, we’re excited to see this densely informative sportsbook take to the US stage. It’s a great service with a decade of experience in the sports betting world. Chances are, the folks at SBK are doing everything in their power to release a similarly comprehensive app in the state of Indiana.