Bet on the Bulldogs

The Bulldogs are Butler’s basketball team currently playing in the NCAA Big East Conference. This team has a long history representing the state of Indiana. Now, with sports betting legalized in IN, you can soon bet on the Bulldogs. 

Bet on the Bulldogs
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Butler Basketball Roster: Bulldogs to watch in 2019

Butler Basketball was founded in 1920, but it wasn’t until the mid-90s when they rose to prominence. Since then, they’ve featured in several finals, most notably between 2009-2017 where they were runners up on several occasions. It goes without saying, if you to bet on the Bulldogs, they often prove to be a great choice.

Need more info about the Butler Bulldogs betting? Below, we’ve laid out a brief history of the team before highlighting the best Butler betting sites to visit.

However, things haven’t been looking good in the 2018-19 season. That said, we believe in Butler’s 2019-20 season will be better. This is thanks to the able leadership of LaVall Jordan, who’s on his second stint with the team.

Kamar Baldwin

People might argue that his average of 18 points and 1.5 steals per game might not jump off the page. However, one look at Baldwin is enough to see that this high-scoring point guard is a go-to option. Truly, the Butler Bulldogs will need him to take on the top teams.

For a long time, the Bulldogs have relied on several players to bring points to the table. Plus, the scoring prowess out of Kamar Baldwin is second to none. Baldwin sinks nearly 40% of his shots from beyond the arc. Likewise, he’s a dynamic player that is worth a wager. This is especially true when the Bulldogs odds are favorable. 

Paul Jorgensen

Paul Jorgensen – a 6-foot-3 guard – has a new role at the Bulldogs. Since he can literally play anywhere on the perimeter, Paul has been given the new role of a senior guard. He is the closest thing that the team will have to a Robin for their Batman.

This means that Paul will have to create, distribute, handle, shoot and score more frequently than before! And with Paul’s toughness, versatility, and no-ego approach, he’s special for the team overall – no doubt about that! 

Jordan Tucker

While most of the pundits dismiss Jordan Tucker as a mundane, 6-foot-7 scoring guard, we noticed his scoring skills. He can easily do this from off the perimeter with a little explosiveness at the basket.

Despite being ranked outside of the top 100, Tucker has landed the eighty-fifth overall spot in our rankings. It may not be high, as Tucker only managed to average 9.7 points, 0.8 assists, and 4.1 rebounds. But, we believe this is a significant improvement from last year. 

Sean McDermott

While Seam McDermott didn’t feature in most of the top 100 rankings, what we observed in this Indiana native during his gaming session last season is enough to place the 6′ 6″ forward in the top 50 of our rankings. And despite his role as a forward, Sean has already proven that he can play in multiple spots in the court. He’s adept at shooting from any spot on the floor and exhibits a game that’s more organic than taught.

Sean McDermott managed to average 9.5 points per game, 3.9 from Rebounds, 0.5 assists per match and 44.2 field goals. With such exemplary performance, Sean McDermott will definitely become one of the players to look out for in the 2019/20 season. 

Butler Bulldogs Schedule 2019-20

Butler Bulldogs will start their season with a pair of exhibition matches against IU-Kokomo and University of Indianapolis on October 26 and November 1 respectively. These matches will be played at their home stadium – the Hinkle Fieldhouse. Right afterward, Butler Bulldogs will play matches against IUPUI, New Orleans, Minnesota, Wofford, and Morehead State before heading to the Hall of Fame Classic that will be played at Kansas City, MO, on 25th and 26th November.

They travel to Ole Miss before heading back home to play against Florida and then head away to Baylor for a match on December 10th in the Big 12-Big East Series before completing the year with a match against Purdue in the Crossroads Classic.  Since the majority of the matches will be played at home, it’s evident that there are good opportunities to Bet on the Bulldogs and the team will also have plenty of winning opportunities. 

Bet on the Bulldogs Online

Indiana is one of the seven states in the United States to have legalized online sports betting. Even though Butler Bulldogs betting and other forms of online sports betting haven’t begun yet, the state passed a law that will ensure betting fans can to wager on sports by the end of the year.

This form of betting will encompass mobile sports betting, fantasy sports betting, horse racing, and games of skill. And should you choose to bet on the Bulldogs, you can do so at any one of these bookmakers. The majority of them already have setups in New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Therefore, they’re likely to extend their sports betting services to bettors in the state of Indiana.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars sportsbook has become a renowned brand in the United States sports industry in recent years. As such, they will definitely stand out as one of the main names to look out for in the budding Indiana sports betting industry.

With generous bonuses, extensive markets and sporting events to pick from, not forgetting to mention their incredibly easy to use design, it’s not hard to see why punters flock to the Caesars sportsbook in other states. With such offering, we expect it will reflect to the Indiana market and give punters an opportunity to bet on the Bulldogs and other sporting events within the state.


Given DraftKings’ success in fantasy sports betting, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this will be one of the best sites to visit if you wish to bet on the Bulldogs. DraftKings has it’s services in other states where punters are guaranteed of top quality services as seen in their competitive odds, parlay bets, spreads, straight bets and more. It also features a good selection of markets and sports to choose from.

Since the state of Indiana has passed this bill, we don’t expect anything less from this bookmaker as they prepare to launch their service to Indiana punters.

Hollywood Casino Sportsbook

Hollywood Casino is a land-based establishment that serves the greater population of Indiana. It’s located 2.9 miles from Interstate 275 and 0.9 miles from Lawrenceburg Speedway. Their motto is to treat all their visitors like Hollywood stars and we hope this is going to reflect in their online offering. 

Currently, their land-based establishment offers one of the best all-inclusive casino, hotel and sports bar setting in Indiana. With the legalization of online casino and sports betting in the state, we hope they’ll manage to replicate their exquisite land-based experience online, just like SugarHouse, Caesars, Borgata, and other famous land-based betting establishments have done across the US.